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Pahawang Island, Indonesia: Walking on The Water? Done That!


This is it! This is the place to get one of my bucket list checked: Walking on The Water. Separated about 1 km away by the sea, I can walk my feet crossing the two Islands of Pahawang Besar and Pahawang Kecil.

It’s not just about walking on the water, Pahawang Island is apparently also a good place for diving or just snorkelling. Well, it’s not the best in world, though.aIMG_6658aIMG_6668

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So, where is it and how to go?

This adventurous place is located at Lampung province, Indonesia.

This is how I reach there from Jakarta:

  1. From Jakarta, drive away to Merak Harbor
  2. From Merak, ride a ferry to Bakauheni Harbor (fee: IDR 20.000)
  3. From Bakauheni, drive to Ketapang Harbor
  4. Ride a boat to Pahawang Islands

Quite easy to go, right? So, if you have this wanderlust and die die once in a lifetime desire to try to walk on the water, just go to Pahawang Island. If you live in Jakarta, 3D/2N is all you need. Sounds like a good plan for weekend, isn’t it?

Check out the video here. Ciao!