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South Korea Single Entry Visa Application (for Indonesian)


As I am now planning my mid-year holiday to South Korea, I think there is no harm to share to you, fellow travellers (esp. Indonesian), some tricks to get your visa application to South Korea goes smoothly.

I personally taking care of my visa application by myself, with no help from travel agent. It is actually quite straightforward, given you submit all the required documents and have compelling balance in your bank’s account (IDR 20 mil is more than enough for a week visit).

Required Documents

Following are the required documents you need to submit:

  1. Get and fill Visa Application Form (http://idn.mofa.go.kr/worldlanguage/asia/idn/visa/step/index.jsp)
  2. 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm Close-up photo with white background
  3. Employment Letter
  4. Bank Account Statement (last 3 months)
  5. A copy of KTP, Kartu Keluarga, Akte Lahir, & Akte Kawin
  6. Original Passport
  7. A copy of your 1st page of passport and all pages contain visas from your last trips (including your old passport)
  8. Additional supporting documents: Your flight ticket and hotel booking


All those documents above need to be submitted to South Korean Embassy at the following address:

Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto Kav.57 Jakarta 12950 (Right before Medistra Hospital)
Tel : 62-21-2967-2555
Fax : 62-21-2967-2556/2557
Submission hours: 09:00-11:00

Per 2014, the application fee is IDR 480.000.


Upon submission, they will give you a phone number for you to check your application status. It approximately takes 5 days. Even so, you want to call them first to make sure that your visa application is done before you go all the way to the ‘always-macet’ Gatot Subroto area.


Quite easy, isn’t it? Happy travelling!



Lombok, Indonesia: How to Get to Gili


You don’t need a shuttle service or tour pickup service to get to Gili from Lombok Airport. You can easily go using public transportation, it may probably cost you cheaper.

  1. From the airport, take Damri public bus to Senggigi that runs every 1,5 hour from 03:00 – 20:00. It will cost you IDR 25.000 and 75 minutes to reach Senggigi.
  2. From Senggigi, get a taxi (for safety, get Blue Bird taxi) to Bangsal harbor. It costs IDR 80.000 and 30 minutes.
  3. From drop off point at Bangsal, walk straight into the ticket office, find a ticket locket inside, and buy your ticket to Gili from there. The ticket price is around IDR 10.000. Do not buy your ticket from local people outside the ticket office, they are marking up the price.
  4. You will need to wait until the boat is full before it departs. The latest boat will depart at around 4 PM, so make sure you reach Bangsal at least at 3 PM. The boat ride is about 30 minutes, and TADAAAA… Welcome to Gili!