Lombok, Indonesia: How to Get to Gili


You don’t need a shuttle service or tour pickup service to get to Gili from Lombok Airport. You can easily go using public transportation, it may probably cost you cheaper.

  1. From the airport, take Damri public bus to Senggigi that runs every 1,5 hour from 03:00 – 20:00. It will cost you IDR 25.000 and 75 minutes to reach Senggigi.
  2. From Senggigi, get a taxi (for safety, get Blue Bird taxi) to Bangsal harbor. It costs IDR 80.000 and 30 minutes.
  3. From drop off point at Bangsal, walk straight into the ticket office, find a ticket locket inside, and buy your ticket to Gili from there. The ticket price is around IDR 10.000. Do not buy your ticket from local people outside the ticket office, they are marking up the price.
  4. You will need to wait until the boat is full before it departs. The latest boat will depart at around 4 PM, so make sure you reach Bangsal at least at 3 PM. The boat ride is about 30 minutes, and TADAAAA… Welcome to Gili!



Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand: A Place to Legalize Whoever You Want to Be


Let’s hear the story of Mr. Dandee (not real name), a friend of mine, a business traveller, who made his way to have his second “first wife” in Bangkok.

“All’s fair in love and war”. I don’t know how many of you guys have used this sentence to help making decision. But to really use this sentence not just to put justice on the wrong things you do but also to LEGALIZE it, I bet there is just a little of you who has balls like Mr. Dandee.

Mr. Dandee is a smart guy, very smart. Being so smart, he is now leading his team, known as the best consultant in ASEAN region. This role of his forces him to travel across ASEAN every week. His weekly formula is: 2 days in Singapore (his home) + 5 days in other ASEAN country. Of all those countries in ASEAN, he loves Bangkok more than the others. It’s all because of one small thing called Love.

Some years ago, Mr. Dandee married someone whom he thought his true love, or he thought so until he met another girl in Bangkok 3 – 4 years later. A german bar in Bangkok was where they met for the first time. Out of loneliness being away from his wife and son, Mr. Dandee started a conversation over a beer with this girl whose age was about half of his. From a ‘hello’ to ‘what are you into’, their relationship grew deeper until one day they fell in love with each other. The girl is totally aware that Mr. Dandee has a wife and son back in his home, but what can stop love? Nothing, not even law or religion.

“It was one of the most bold decision I every made in my life to pay 1600 THB and get my marital status back into single”, he said.

What struck my head the most wasn’t his affair with his girl, but how he could get a trustable fake ID for just 1600 THB. So I questioned him about the fake ID more than his affair. Apparently in Khao San Road in Bangkok, people can get a fake ID or certificate easily, be it a driving license, student card, diploma, or many more. It doesn’t have to be Thailand ID, you can also get your National ID from your country there in Bangkok. So you can really be whoever you want to be in Bangkok. You can get one ID with your face on the photo and Tom Cruise on the name.

To get one, you don’t have to put a lot of effort. You can just go by taxi to Khao San Road in Bangkok and walk down the street. There are more than 10 road side stalls and kiosks who can make one for you if you need it. Isn’t that illegal? Obviously. But as much as you feel scared and intimidated of how criminal it is, you’ll feel so safe just as much if you get your fake ID there. Why? Because polices are seen walking over the street of Khao San and give no shit about this.

Last week when I was in Bangkok, pushed by my curiosity about how Mr. Dandee can get a fake ID to get back his “single” status and legally married his second “first wife”, I dare myself to ask one fake ID seller in Khao San Road. The seller said I need to pay 800 THB for a student ID. The more sophisticated the ID is, the more expensive the price is. In average, 2 hours is all you need to get a fake ID. There are more 250 types of ID offered which they display very organized in an album book, making it easy for you to choose the ID type that fits your need and budget. And don’t worry, all ID is valid, there is even expiration date on the ID, so you can really use it as a ‘legal’ ID.

Too bad, they guy didn’t allow me to take a proper photograph of it, so all the pictures I taken was taken hideously without the seller notice; and of all the shoot only that one above is not blurry.

With this fake ID, you can do a lot of stuff. My friend Mr. Dandee use that to get his second marriage. I don’t understand why does he need that ID or which law of marriage that requires him to get his single status first to get his second marriage, he won’t share the detail with me. I mean, some religions allow people to get married more than once, so why does he need a fake ID? I don’t know. But with this fake ID thingy, you really can do a lot of thing. Most common use case is to get you into a club if you’re under age. Or to help you get a job using fake Uni diploma. Or help you to rent a car. Or anything else. Just be extra careful and extra wise. I don’t know how long will Mr. Dandee fake status can be hidden before his wife or any other people find the truth. And you’ll also don’t know when the crime you commit with 1000 THB or more will be uncovered. Just don’t get yourself into a trouble just because 1000 THB. Be wise!

Well, that’s Bangkok, guys! Fake ID in Khao San Road is just one of many mind blowing things you can do in Bangkok. In my case, I’ve cried and laughed in Bangkok. I’ll share the stories in the next post, or maybe. Ciao!